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When it comes to landscaping design, many homeowners overlook the importance of outdoor lighting. Did you know that the appropriate landscape lighting can make your plants look even more beautiful? Or do you want to beef up your home’s security?

There are dozens of places around your home which can benefit from landscape lighting that you probably haven’t noticed. Trees, shrubs, and even retaining walls are all excellent locations for carefully placing lights in order to brighten routes, enhance the atmosphere, or provide extra protection.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting in Your Yard 

Your yard is where you throw parties, unwind after a long day at work, and spend quality time with your loved ones. It’s also an excellent location for landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting is beneficial in the following areas:

Retaining walls: Landscape lighting on retaining walls keeps the light low enough to not interfere with the beautiful views, but it does offer safety by illuminating paths.

Trees: Adding landscape lighting to your trees not only enhances security—trees are excellent at protecting from coyotes, intruders and other unwelcome visitors—but it also creates a lovely ambiance in your front or back yard. Landscape lighting in trees is well disguised when set appropriately, giving the impression that the tree is glowing. This may create a dreamy, soothing mood in your yard while also increasing visibility without the need for harsh direct lighting.

Outdoor Kitchens: It’s pointless to build an outdoor kitchen if you can’t cook when the sun sets. Installing lanterns or task lighting on your outdoor kitchen can keep your backyard looking well-designed, as opposed to conventional harsh outdoor floodlights that come standard on most homes.

Fences: Adding lighting to your fences will bring safety and security to your environment. Lanterns on posts or downlighting in trees are examples of this. Adding perimeter illumination will make it simpler to notice unwanted guests (both human and animal) before they reach your yard.

Uplighting and Downlighting

Uplighting is lights on the ground that look upward to draw attention to specific landscape elements. This can be used to draw attention to a focal point, or just to brighten up walks and pool areas.

The usage of lights that aim downward is referred to as downlighting. These are ideal for emphasizing roads and features, as well as for security reasons.

Gregg Electric installs both, and our skilled landscape designers will assist you in developing a comprehensive landscape lighting plan that incorporates a variety of lights to create the yard you desire.

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4 Advantages of Tree Lighting 

  1. It creates a beautiful atmosphereTree Lighting Installation | Gregg Electric

Specially constructed resin-resistant lights, when positioned appropriately, can give the impression that the trees themselves are illuminating. This effect produces a one-of-a-kind, lovely ambience that no other lighting scheme can equal. Consider employing the trees on your property as diffusers, if you prefer external lighting that doesn’t produce strong contrasts or deep shadows.

  1. Exterior lights with a low profile

Tall light posts can be unsightly, detracting from your meticulous landscaping, and destroying the vista you worked so hard to get. Tree lights are discreetly hidden in the branches, giving adequate illumination without the infrastructure required by other lighting systems. If your company is housed in a historic structure, tree lighting can assist in preserving the property’s charm without sacrificing safety or comfort.

  1. There are fewer hiding places

Both wildlife and criminals use trees to hide from most illumination installations. The act of lighting the tree itself removes this cover, potentially making your property a less welcoming environment. Animals and intruders alike will flee if they feel exposed.

  1. Designs which are adaptable

The majority of tree lights are made up of LED rings that fit around the tree’s trunk. Gregg Electric offers a wide range of lights to fit practically any aesthetic design, allowing your outdoor lighting contractor to create a unique system for your home.

Make Your Garden Shine

Call Gregg Electric about putting landscape lights around your property when you want to take your landscaping to the next level.

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