How To Charge Your EV at Home

You need to have a home charging port placed where you park your electric vehicle (EV) if you want to charge it at home. You can use an EVSE supply cord for a 3-pin plug socket as a backup. Drivers often choose a specialized home charging station since it is speedier and has built-in safety measures. A home charger is a small waterproof appliance which connects to a wall and has a charging wire (or socket) to put in a portable charging cable.

Gregg Electric, a licensed installation professional, installs dedicated EV chargers in your home.

How Often Should You Charge Your EV at Home?

You can charge your electric car as often as you need to at home. It can be charged similarly to a mobile phone, charging fully overnight and topping up throughout the day if required.

While most people aren’t required to charge their cars every day, many drivers do so out of habit, allowing them maximum flexibility should they need to make an unexpected trip.

  • Drivers of electric vehicles save money on gas by charging overnight and driving for as low as 2 cents per kilometer.
  • Overnight charging assures the car’s battery is fully charged in the morning for the next day. When the battery is full, there is no need to disconnect it; charging will end automatically with a dedicated home charger.
  • Most drivers utilize charging stations at their workplaces or public locations to fill up their batteries.

How To Install an EV Charging Station

Electric vehicle charging stations must be properly built. If the charging source is certified, the installation cost will be included in its pricing.

  • Installing the ChargePoint entails putting it on an external wall (or garage) near where you park and carefully connecting it to the main’s energy supply.
  • Depending on the unique needs of the driver and the complexity of the installation, installation should take around 3 hours to complete.
  • Installations can be scheduled directly online, over the phone, or through vehicle dealerships, with most suppliers eager to give free advice and walk you through the various options.

6 Advantages of Having an EV Home Charger

Langley EV Home Charger - Why Do You Need One Possessing an electric vehicle is an excellent choice. It is significantly more efficient than gasoline-powered vehicles and very cost-effective. Here are some of the advantages of having an EV charger in your home:

  1. Cheaper 

After installation expenditures are covered, electric bill charging prices will be lower than payments at public charging stations. Home chargers provide real-time data on energy consumption for tax benefits claims. Additionally, there are intelligent solar charging stations which provide extra solar energy.

  1. Faster 

There are speedy charging stations; however, they are not inexpensive. A properly placed home EV charger can fully charge a battery in 45 minutes to 7 hours (significantly faster than at public stations).

  1. Convenience

With an electric car charger, you can control charging times. This eliminates the need for public charging facilities. Connect the EV to the charger and concentrate on other tasks at hand. With enough charge for daily use, an EV only needs to visit a public charging station on long rides.

  1. Durability of the Battery

An EV’s battery is comparable to that of a smartphone; it gradually loses effectiveness. Constant use and charging also deplete its battery capacity. A nearly fully charged battery is recommended rather than a few hour taps at a public charging station. Having an EV charger installed in your home is ideal for this charging situation.

  1. Property Value

As more people use electric cars, purchasers will undoubtedly prefer homes equipped with an EV charging station. A home with an EV charger adds value and makes the home future-proof, even more so now that more people are becoming aware of the ecological benefits.

  1. Compatibility

Most home EV chargers are compatible with various manufacturers, accommodating other EVs produced by a different manufacturer. There’s no need to queue twice or even three times to access a brand-specific public charging station, since the majority of vehicles can share charging at home.

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