How To Charge an Electric Vehicle (EV) at Home

To charge an electric vehicle at home, you must install a charging station near where you park your vehicle. You may use an EVSE supply cord for a 3-pin plug socket as a backup. 

  • A home charger is a small, waterproof, wall-mounted appliance with an attached charging wire or a connector for a portable charging cable.
  • Drivers often choose a separate home charging port, due to its speed and safety features. 
  • Professional installers at Gregg Electric install dedicated EV chargers for your home.

Installing an EV Charging Station at Home 

Charging stations for electric vehicles must be properly installed. A registered charging provider will include installation fees within your unit’s pricing. 

  • Installation entails placing the chargepoint on an outside or garage wall near where you park and carefully connecting it to the main’s power supply. 
  • Installation should take about three hours to complete, depending on the needs of the driver and the installation’s complexity. 
  • Installations can be arranged directly online, over the phone, or through automobile dealerships, with the majority of suppliers willing to provide free guidance (and to discuss the various options).

How Quickly Can an EV Charge at Home? 

The electric vehicle charging rate is indicated in kilowatts (kW). 

At 3.6kW or 7kW, home charging stations deliver 24 to 48 kilometers of range per hour (compared to 2.3kW from a 3-pin plug which provides only up to 12 kilometers of range per hour).

The onboard charger of your car may limit the maximum charging rate. If your vehicle supports a charging rate of up to 3.6kW, using a 7kW charger will not harm the vehicle.

Regular Charging Is Beneficial

You can charge your electric vehicle at home as often as necessary. Like charging a mobile phone, it may be completely charged overnight and then topped up as needed throughout the day. 

While it’s not required to charge electric vehicles daily, many drivers do so out of habit, allowing them maximum flexibility in the event of an unexpected trip. By charging the vehicles overnight, users of electric vehicles take advantage of low evening energy prices and travel for as little as five cents per kilometer.

In addition, overnight charging guarantees a car’s battery is fully charged each morning for use. With a dedicated home charger, charging ceases automatically once the battery is fully charged. Most drivers also use charging stations at their work, or at public locations to maintain a full battery.

Greener Power

Value Your Charging Time With Abbotsford Home Charging StationToday, an electric vehicle is already more ecologically friendly than a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. Furthermore, charging with more renewable energy makes driving an electric vehicle even more eco-friendly. Increasing amounts of renewable energy output (such as wind power) contribute to the greening of the grid. While charging electric vehicles is becoming more ecologically benign overall, you can make home charging even greener by switching to one of the several renewable energy suppliers.

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