A hot tub provides the ideal opportunity for you and your loved ones to relax and bond. High-quality home spas are very user-friendly, but some safety considerations must be observed to guarantee a safe session. At-home hot tub safety requires constructing a secure environment surrounding the tub, maintaining clean water, and adhering to healthy and hygienic practices. By respecting these basic hot tub safety guidelines, you can relax while your family enjoys all the pleasures of a home spa.

Features and Components for Hot Tub Safety

The addition of simple accessories can greatly improve the accessibility and security of your home spa. Your local dealer can advise you on the best hot tub safety features which include the following:

  1. A tight hot tub cover is vital for safety, insulation and energy efficiency. Cover your hot tub when it’s not being used. A well-made hot tub cover should have child safety locks. To protect children and animals, you should ensure your cover is securely fastened. Before using the spa, remove the cover completely (and store it out of the way) so it cannot trap someone in the water.
  2. Consider using a cover lifter to properly and easily remove your spa’s cover. Cover lifters alleviate the difficulty and strain of manually lifting the cover. 
  3. An important component of above-ground hot tubs are specially-designed stairs for entering and exiting the spa securely. Your dealer will assist you in selecting water-resistant, non-slip stairs which fit the height and style of your hot tub.

4 Electrical Security Measures 

Avoid the danger of electrocution or costly damage to your hot tub by adhering to these crucial but easy guidelines: 

  1. Arrange to have certified specialists such as Gregg Electric install the electrical components of your hot tub. Due to the risk of electrocution, the wiring of a hot tub should definitely not be attempted by novices. The same restriction applies to entertainment amenities like television monitors and music systems which you may wish to include in your home spa area.  
  2. Know the location of your spa’s electrical panel and how to cut power in an emergency securely. 
  3. Never use electrical equipment or extension cables in close proximity to your spa. Electrocution can occur if they come in touch with water. Use battery-powered gadgets instead, or go without them entirely. 
  4. Never use a hot tub outside during a thunderstorm. If lightning strikes the water, you can be electrocuted.

Personal Care and Precautions 

Personal safety in a hot tub hinges on being aware of one’s own sensitivities and limitations. The following recommendations can helpPersonal Care and Precautions guarantee your whole family has a safe and pleasurable soak:

  • Remain hydrated. Be sure to consume lots of fluids before and after your session since the hot water will induce perspiration. Avoid drinking from glass containers in or near your spa since shattered glass and water are dangerous. Plastic glasses and bottles are the safest options. 
  • Consult your doctor if you’re pregnant or have a medical condition that makes you sensitive to rises in body temperature such as diabetes, circulatory issues, heart disease or high blood pressure. Ask your physician whether it’s okay for you to use a hot tub if you’re on any drugs – especially those which might induce drowsiness. 
  • Your physician can advise you whether or not it’s safe for your children to use your hot tub. A responsible adult should always watch children in a hot tub. Infants and toddlers, who are more susceptible to drowning, dehydration and overheating, should avoid hot tubs altogether.
  • Avoid the hot tub if you have any skin issues, wounds or sores. To prevent infection or contamination (or to decrease the danger of transmitting infectious disorders to others), do not use your hot tub until your skin has totally healed. Similarly, if you’ve just had surgery, consult with your physician to determine whether it’s safe to utilize a spa. 

Talk with your local dealer to learn more about your hot tub and the best safety precautions for your home and family. They can teach you how to maximize the benefits of your hot tub, set a water maintenance program, and create a secure environment for your spa. 

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