6 Types of Security Lighting 

You want to make your house and family as secure as possible – one of the best ways to do so is by installing security lights. With a variety of security lighting options available, it’s essential to understand your security demands and which lights best fulfill them. Here are several characteristics and benefits of each kind of security lighting and advice for maximizing its effectiveness.

  1. Motion-Activated Lights

Motion-activated lighting is an excellent component of home security. While putting lights on all night can help discourage crime, this isn’t the most effective method. Motion lights can startle burglars, causing them to reconsider entering your house. 

Another advantage of motion-activated lights is their energy efficiency, since they only come on when they detect activity. This reduces energy usage without compromising any security advantages. Motion-activated lights will not trigger during the day; they contain built-in light sensors so they only illuminate between nightfall and sunrise. 

  1. Timed Security Lighting

Installing timed security lights to brighten the outside of your property throughout the night is a good idea. This lighting is excellent for deterring intruders while providing directed illumination at night. Due to the substantial seasonal variation in the night’s duration, it’s possible to change the activation hours. 

  1. Floodlights 

Floodlights are excellent choices for security illumination. These lights are very powerful and dazzling. LED floodlights illuminate your yard for a fraction of the energy used by incandescent lights. If not positioned in strategic areas, floodlights can interfere with the sleeping habits of certain individuals. Motion-activated lights can help avoid illuminating your (or your neighbours’) windows at night.

  1. High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Security Lighting 

If you wish to illuminate a big land area (such as a ranch or broad fields), HID lights can be a better choice than floodlights. HID security lights are commercial-grade lights meant for use on business buildings and lots, although large-acreage residential properties can benefit from them too.

  1. Exterior Soffit Lighting 

Soffit lighting is put on the overhang in front of your home’s entryway. This overhang is referred to as the “soffit”. These lights are intended to illuminate the space in front of your porch where standard porch lights cannot reach. This allows you, your family and your visitors to see the entryway more clearly; it also eliminates shadows around your door and deters would-be burglars. 

  1. Outdoor Coach Lights 

Coach lights are a stylish option which can complement your home’s design while illuminating your driveways and walks.

4 Security Lighting Tips to Keep Your Home Safe at Night 

  1. Establish Rings of Security Types and Tips To Know About Surrey Security Lighting Installation

Effective security lighting should repel intruders. One of the benefits of illuminating your property with landscape lights is the security rings created. Extending your lighting to the farthest edge of your property gives you better visual control over your surroundings. 

  1. Be Considerate to Your Neighbours

Bright, strong floodlights are ideal for illuminating areas of your property. However, they’re not very beneficial for your neighbours. Some people have experienced having their neighbours’ house lights beam through their windows at night. Did the neighbour next door leave their back patio light on? Or does the neighbour across the street have motion-activated floodlights which blind the whole neighbourhood whenever a bird, cat, or gust of wind triggers them? Be sure to prevent these things from happening to your neighbours.

  1. Functional Task Lighting Complements Security Lighting 

Task lighting offers a dual purpose: it can assist with seeing our path, along with detecting intruders. Downlights which illuminate a walkway brighten our path and help us avoid tripping risks. However, downlights also allow us to notice movement outside our windows at night. 

Beautiful landscape lighting can be seen 90 percent of the year inside the house. This produces a background which expands our visual range considerably (beyond the rear dining room’s four walls). Landscape lighting transforms our gloomy window panes into gorgeous living paintings, plus it offers an additional layer of protection.

  1. Illuminate Your Entrances 

The entrances to your house should be illuminated to avoid accidents. The majority of accidental events occur near entryways. These are the vulnerable points of your house – especially locations such as the side or rear entrance to the garage. Trespassers don’t like to be observed, but a door with a light shining straight on it will become unapproachable. 

Combining Safety and Charm 

Combining various forms of outdoor lighting with your security lights can be an efficient strategy to keep your house secure while enhancing pride in your outside environment. Gregg Electric can help you locate ideal solutions for your home. We meet with our customers to determine their goals and budget, plus devise a security lighting design solution that exceeds their expectations. Contact us for more information on our security lighting solutions or book an appointment with our lighting design experts.

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