How Is Track Lighting Defined?

Track lighting is just what it sounds like: a track that screws into your ceiling and powers several hung lights. Lights can be put at any point along the track and directed. Track lighting is particularly effective in highlighting a particular workplace, piece of artwork, entryway or architectural aspect.

Unlike ordinary light fixtures, which direct electrical cable to a single light source, track lighting fixtures are attached to a continuous track which carries electrical conductors that power several lights along the track. Tracks are available in straight and curved configurations and can be fixed on walls or ceilings. The heads (lights) may be positioned (and adjusted) along the track in various ways, as well as converging to direct light in the direction desired by the homeowner.

Things To Consider Before Installation

Keep in mind that track lights are intended to be task lighting; thus, when installing track light fixtures, be smart about their placement to optimize illumination coverage. Direct light beams straight over couches or other discussion places, or slant them toward entryways or darker portions of the room.

  1. Make the most of your open floor plan: With the increasing popularity of open floor plans, track lighting provides a means to keeping a bright, airy architectural approach while bringing consistency across the sections. For maximum light and drama, install ceiling track lighting throughout the full length of the family room, dining room and kitchen.
  2. Make sure the heads are adjustable: By selecting adjustable heads, you can spin them to offer complete illumination of the room. Run the tracks around the room’s perimeter to create absolute drama in rectangular spaces. After installing the tracks, you may position the track lighting heads as desired: over a beloved reading chair, over an array of family photographs on a fireplace mantle, or right over the sitting area.
  3. Consider the colour: With so many colour options for ceiling track lights, you can easily incorporate them into your room design by selecting a colour palette which complements the colour of your walls. This allows the lights to blend into the room’s backdrop, rather than being the area’s focal point.
  4. Utilize natural light: Track lighting gives preferred levels of illumination at night without obstructing natural light during the day if your room has wide windows. Ceiling track lights can be run parallel to the beams in houses with high-beamed or inclined ceilings, producing a feeling of aesthetic harmony.

Benefits Of Track Lighting

  • Gregg Electric - Track LightingEasy to install – In comparison to many other forms of interior lighting, track lighting is quite straightforward to install. Track lighting can be installed without requiring a complete reconstruction (e.g. cutting into the ceiling). Due to its simplicity of installation, it’s a good option for both temporary and permanent configurations.
  • Adaptability – Whether you want very bright illumination or prefer a more subdued glow, track lighting helps you achieve your chosen ambiance. Additionally, the angle of the fixtures can be adjusted, enabling you to direct the light precisely where it is required. There may be no other kind of lighting that is as adaptable as this.
  • Space-saving – Track lighting can save space compared to floor and table lights. Because track lighting is installed from above, no floor space is required to provide the desired illumination level. Track lighting is an excellent option where space is limited.
  • Style options – Track lighting has evolved significantly throughout the years. With various shapes and types available, you can add flair to any room while also providing the necessary light.

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