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5 Benefits of Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

  1. Improved security features

Even if your homeowner’s insurance covers losses, several other valuable items in your home are not covered by insurance. Electrical panels from previous generations or faulty ones often overheat and catch fire. And when they do, they have the potential to set fire to your whole property. Additionally, if you have children in your house, this poses a grave hazard to their life and health.

Electrical panels of a newer generation provide enhanced safety measures. They are less prone to develop issues that might result in a fire, so sparing you significant financial and human losses.

  1. Additional circuit capacity

If you’re planning a significant renovation or installing some new heavy appliances in your home, you may want a new, updated electrical panel. Most likely, your previous electrical panel was selected to fit the appliances you had at the time; but as you add more, you will want a panel with increased circuit capacity.

Upgraded electrical panels with increased circuit capacity are recommended in various remodelling situations. However, some popular situations include adding a new garage, renovating your kitchen or basement, or installing new hot tubs or air conditioners. If you do not update your electrical panel in conjunction with these renovations or additions, your circuits may become overloaded, and breakers may trip often.

  1. Insurance compliance

Numerous insurance companies require that you have a certain amp rating for your electrical panel before they can designate you as compliant. For instance, they may ask that you have a panel with a minimum of 100 amps.

If your panel falls below that rating, say 60, you violate your insurance company’s regulations. Your insurance may or may not cover the price of damage caused by an electrical event, depending on the nature and severity of the damage.

  1. Additional outlets

Modern electrical panels accommodate more circuits and, therefore, additional outlets. More outlets enable you to utilize a greater variety of equipment, including more air conditioners, hot tubs, and washing machines.

Additionally, you may split the load by allocating separate circuits to certain high-power appliances. For instance, you may dedicate a separate circuit and outlet to your home’s air conditioners, which are energy-intensive equipment.

  1. Improved property value

If you’re attempting to sell your home, an old electrical panel may prevent you from obtaining the ideal asking price. As indicated before, residences with older panels are deemed dangerous for occupants. Potential buyers and real estate brokers see this as a serious problem and, as a result, undervalue such houses.

If you wish to get the required value, you must first update your electrical panel. Your home will be more valuable, and you will have a higher chance of obtaining the asking price.

How Do You Determine If It’s Time to Upgrade Your Panel?

While electrical panels often survive long, they cannot last indefinitely. You must be able to determine when your panelWhen It's Time To Upgrade Your Panel should be replaced. Here are a few indicators that will assist you in doing this task.

  • If your panel has not been changed in 25 years, it was replaced unexpectedly. Generally, the deadline is 25 years.
  • If your electrical panel is hot to the touch, it should be replaced immediately. That is because properly insulated wires do not conduct heat as readily as uninsulated wires.
  • If your outlets are making humming, clicking, or buzzing noises, this might indicate that your electrical panel is malfunctioning.
  • If your circuit breaker trips often, this is a strong indication that your panel is in desperate need of replacement.
  • If you detect an unusual odour when passing by your panel, you must address it immediately. This indicates that something is already on fire or melting, indicating a catastrophic danger.

The Importance of Upgrading Electrical Panels

  1. Flickering Lights Could Indicate The Need For Upgrades To The Electrical Panel

Flickering lights are a result of defective wiring. Apart from the light issue, improper wiring may result in a burned smell and even shocks when certain gadgets such as microwaves or computers are touched. Additionally, you may see burn marks and sparks on electrical outlets or plugs around your house. Additionally, keep an eye out for when your electric panel becomes heated.

  1. Circuit Breakers Tripping

Circuit breakers trip and cut off power to a circuit when overloaded. Thus, you’ve installed a new air conditioner, but your circuit breakers are tripping every time you turn it on. So, what is the issue?

  1. Utilization of Power Strips

Are you using an increasing number of power strips to charge your gadgets around your home? Utilizing additional power strips is necessary when your home has a restricted number of wall plugs. However, using several power strips will use more energy than your electrical panel can manage.

  1. Your Residence’s Security

Another way for homeowners to limit the danger of electrical issues is to utilize non-wired outdoor lighting. Solar-powered post lights, lamps, and floodlights complement outdoor environments well. They contribute to energy conservation and decrease the possibility of outdoor lighting going haywire. Additionally, solar lights are easy to install and maintain, requiring little to no labour and money.