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Things To Think About When It Comes To Security Lighting

  • The primary goal of security lighting is to flood a dark area with light, causing an intruder to flee and leave your house or company alone. We examine the darkest, most “intruder-prone” regions to identify where security lights should be strategically installed, notably around entry and exit sites such as doors, windows, gates and sliding glass doors.
  • Intruders like dark hiding places where they will go undetected if you come out to look for them. These are usually seen among shrubs and bushes on the sides and rear of a house. Criminals may be rendered ineffective in these locations by strategically placed, motion-sensing spotlights and floodlights.
  • Installing 2-head floodlights with a sensitivity-configurable motion detector and photocell is a typical and effective solution for security lighting. The photocell conserves energy by ensuring that the light only illuminates when it is dark, and the motion sensor only trips when it detects movement in the vicinity.
  • Motion sensors may be difficult to operate since they cannot always distinguish between a passing neighbourhood cat, the wind blowing through a bush, and an actual intruder. Fortunately, newer versions of motion-sensing floodlights and spotlights are being created with sensitivity levels that may come closer to only turning on the light when a human passes by the sensor.
  • Many security lighting alternatives also include a manual override switch, which allows the owner to turn off the motion sensor if the light continues to illuminate for no apparent reason. 

Four Primary Kinds Of Outdoor Security Lighting

  1. Continuous Lighting

The most popular outdoor security lighting, continuous illumination, may be programmed to produce one of two results: greater projection or controlled lighting. Continuous illumination with glare began in jails and penal institutions. It’s still in use today. Some security professionals refer to it as a “barrier light,” It is especially good for illuminating the borders surrounding a facility and approaches to a place. This approach is often utilized when the glare of lights over an area does not disturb or interfere with the surrounding or adjacent properties. The benefit of this strategy is that a prospective invader finds it difficult to see within an area covered by such a “barrier,” therefore the lighting method produces a powerful visual and psychological deterrent. Floodlights are often utilized because the beam, although easily directed, causes a lot of glare.

  1. Stand-by lighting

Stand-by lighting is a sort of exterior security lighting. Stand-by lighting systems are often continuous systems, although they are intended for reserve or stand-by usage or to complement continuous systems. These systems are engaged automatically or manually when the continuous system fails if there is a need for greater light. A standby system is particularly helpful for lighting a specific section of a site if an intruder is detected or lighting an area for infrequent usage.

  1. Lighting that is movable or portable

A third method employs movable lighting hardware. This system is generally made up of mobile search or floodlights that are placed in specific areas that need temporary illumination. The movable lighting system is also used to complement continuous or standby illumination. 

  1. Emergency lighting 

The emergency lighting system is employed when other systems are inoperable due to a power outage or other emergency. The emergency system is distinguished by using an alternative power source, such as a gas-powered generator or batteries. Emergency lighting is also regarded as a backup source of illumination, particularly in systems that rely only on high-intensity discharge lamps (HID).

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What Are the Advantages of Security Lighting?

Confidence and a Sense of Security

The most apparent advantage of security lighting is that a well-lit space significantly minimizes the likelihood of a break-in. Assaulted intruders do not benefit from the cover of night to disguise their operations.

Security lighting is also very successful when used with surveillance systems since light increases the likelihood of identification. This provides property owners with far greater control if anything bad occurs.

Apart from deterring criminal activity, outdoor security lighting may offer homeowners a feeling of protection and general peace of mind. Having a well-lit outside makes it considerably more pleasant for individuals to stroll outdoors after dark.

Due to the existence of outdoor lighting, potentially unpleasant mishaps such as tripping over invisible items disguised in the darkness are far less likely to occur.