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Everyone must grasp the significance of the electrical panel in a home’s everyday life and its unique characteristics. Each panel serves many purposes, including supplying a circuit breaker for each circuit in the household, and fail-safes to avoid overheating and possible house fires.

Indications a Panel Upgrade or Installation Is Needed

Homeowners must be able to spot indications that it may be time to replace or install a new electrical panel. 3 such indications are:

1. Old-Fashioned Fuse Panels 

It’s possible that homes which operate only on fuses may not be wholly hazardous. However, due to their antiquated nature, they tend to be more prone to fire threats. Frequently, insurance companies will not give coverage for dwellings that are powered only by fuses. If this is the case, the best course of action is to have a certified electrician install a modern electrical panel in your house. The panel consists of circuit breakers that, when tripped, may be reset quickly and simply. When you invest in this highly practical update, you get peace of mind that comes with knowing your house and things are protected – you also ensure the safety and security of your family.

2. Excessive Use of Power Cords and Strips 

Many of us must utilize extension cables and power strips to satisfy the electrical needs of our houses. There’s an unceasing need for power cables and strips from TVs and devices to laptops and heaters. Homeowners should use these electrical accessories sparingly and avoid overusing them since they might pose a fire risk. 

When you have an excessive number of power strips plugged in around your house, you increase the likelihood of a fire. The greater the number of devices and appliances hooked into power cables and strips, the more energy is used in the house. If you often use power strips to boost the energy flow in your home, it may be time to consider upgrading your electrical panel.

3. Outdated Wiring in Your Residence 

There are several indications that your house has outdated wiring. If you see your lights fading or dimming, it is recommended to contact a professional electrician to arrange an update of your wiring and electrical panel.

The Cost of Upgrading Your Electric Panel Is Worthwhile

Your electric panel is often “out of sight and out of mind”, situated somewhere in your basement where you don’t worry about it until the circuit trips when someone simultaneously uses the microwave and hairdryer, for instance.

When the time comes to replace it, you may be surprised by the price – but believe us when we say it’s worth it. Even more so, it is advantageous to replace it before anything negative occurs.

Here’s why updating or replacing your panel is well worth the expense:

You have the option to add more outlets and circuits

Electrical work is neither simple nor inexpensive. When you replace your electric panel, you also can install extra outlets around your house and give appropriate electricity to different areas and appliances. You save a substantial amount of money on labour costs by doing everything at once, since the electricians can complete everything much more efficiently.

Your residence will be safer

According to research, electric fires are the second most prevalent cause of structure fires, with around 51,000 residential electrical fires occurring annually. Modernizing your home’s electrical panels to comply with industry standards protects your family’s safety for the foreseeable future.

You receive more steady, efficient electricity

Efficiency has played a significant role in the evolution of the energy required to power devices during the last few decades. By having an up-to-date electric panel and electrical system throughout your house, all of your outlets and appliances can get the right amount of power, which saves wear and tear on equipment and reduces your energy costs.

Gregg Electric: The Professionals You Trust

We strongly recommend having your electric panel maintained regularly and replaced if needed. Gregg Electric can check your house’s electrical system (including your electric panel) and identify the safest and most energy-efficient option to keep your family protected and your home operating smoothly.

More information on the best electrical panel upgrades in the Vancouver area can be obtained by visiting or calling us in Abbotsford at (604) 557-4734 today.