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What Is Track Lighting?

The invention of track lighting was motivated by the need for more concentrated illumination in a single room, office or public area. Track lighting is lighting put on a railing system, allowing it to be moved to meet your precise lighting requirements. Depending on these lighting requirements, tracks can be placed on walls or ceilings. Beams, rafters, and joints are often selected according to their strength and resistance to the draw of lighting on materials intended to bg highlighted. Track lighting fixtures have been used in theatres for decades, but they are also helpful and practical in the home and workplaces.

Benefits of Track Lighting

  • Aesthetics. Track lighting complements a simple and basic interior design. Track lighting is available in almost every material and design.
  • Versatility. The versatility of light is the primary reason to install track lighting in your house, workplace or company. The earth presents us with bright and foggy days; it is vital to be able to adjust your light source.
  • Saves space. With lights suspended from your ceiling or movable rafters, you will avoid the need for several lamps and other space-consuming lighting solutions – this is essential if you live in a compact area.
  • Highlights attributes of your home. Track lighting fixtures also enable you to emphasize certain interior design elements,such as paintings, photos, furniture, and sculptures.
  • Movability. Once installed, fixed lights cannot be moved. This issue is solved with track lighting fixtures since the lights can be adjusted to fit your preferences.
  • Provides choices. Depending on how many lights you place on your track lighting, you may use it to illuminate the whole space. Track lighting is compatible with LED light bulbs, which are more energy-efficient (and last longer) than standard incandescent lights. As defined by colour temperature, track lighting is ideal for producing warm and cold light. Warm light is often reddish or yellow, and cold light is frequently blue. Warm lighting is often used at night because it is more soothing, while cold lighting is ideal during the day since it stimulates alertness and energy.
  • Perfect for small areas. Track lighting fixtures are ideal for small rooms since they can be positioned anywhere and are quite thin overall.

Installing Track Lighting

Some track lighting systems feature cords that can be connected directly to an outlet. These devices need no wiring but must be placed near an electrical outlet. A disadvantage of this approach is that the outlet’s electrical cable is visible unless it is concealed. A different system allows a more professional installation with no visible wires. 

However, the installation of the track necessitates making a few electrical connections at a “junction box” (an electrical box in the ceiling or wall). If there is no junction box along the intended course of the lighting track, you will need to build (or have an electrician) install one. This will need to extend a circuit from a wall outlet without a switch to the newly installed junction box. A switch is connected between the outlet and junction box to give on/off control of the track lights. This assumes a junction box is already present.

How To Determine and Plan Your Track’s Location

  • This decision can be affected by the position of an existing junction box and the item or region you desire to emphasize. You are not restricted to a straight track; fittings are available which enable you to make Ts or angles. Be sure to verify that the track lighting system manufacturer you want to buy from offers the necessary fittings.
  • Mark the ceiling along the track’s intended location. You can ensure that the track runs parallel to the wall by measuring from either end of the intended track location. Both measures should be identical.
  • Do not position fixtures within 6 inches of draperies or other combustible fabrics.

Kits for Track Lighting

Uncomplicated track lighting kits contain all required components and accessories. These kits include:

  • Fixed Route: On fixed track lighting, the lightbulb heads cannot be moved along the track, but they can be tilted to direct light where desired. The light bar or track suspends from a ceiling standoff and is available in straight or curved configurations.
  • Swing Arm Track: Swing arm track lighting fixtures have one or more “arms” that pivot on a joint. As with fixed track lighting fixtures, these lights cannot be moved along the track, but they still have a wide range of motion due to their swinging arms and angling capabilities.
  • Normalized Track: Standard track lighting fixtures, often known as “linear” tracks, consist of a straight strip of track and a series of lights which can be moved along the track as needed. These are one of the simplest track lighting fixtures to install since they are ceiling-mounted.

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