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Do Security Lights Prevent Burglars?

When purchasing outdoor lighting systems, most commercial and industrial customers naturally want to know whether or not security lights discourage thieves. This is undoubtedly the primary function of most security lighting systems (and why many individuals install them).

Unsurprisingly, research indicates that well-lit places are often less susceptible to crime. This applies to streets, outdoor public spaces, private property and workplaces. Therefore, the simple answer is yes, security lighting can effectively prevent thieves. You must carefully consider where, how, and why you install security lighting in order for it to be most effective.

Location of Security Lighting Is Key

If the location of security lighting provides a minimal practical advantage, its benefits will be restricted. Thus, it is essential to consider how beneficial a light will be for each particular location. This applies to security personnel, outside spectators and even invaders.

For instance, installing security lights in a dark place which passersby or cameras cannot see is not always beneficial. Illuminating an invader who knows they are still hidden is not a very effective deterrent. In the worst-case situation, you could be assisting them with better navigating their environment.

Consequently, security lights can be a very effective deterrent against robbers. However, they are most effective when a comprehensive, well-planned security strategy is included. This entails putting them in locations where anybody activating them is likely to be directly witnessed.

Intruders must be alerted that they are now visible by installing security lights. This is especially effective when flood lights or wall lights are used with visible CCTV cameras and surveillance equipment.

Different Types of Security Lighting

You want to make your house and family as secure as possible, so installing security lighting is one of the best methods. With various security lighting alternatives available, it is essential to understand your security demands – and which lights best fulfill them. Here are some characteristics and benefits of each type of security lighting, as well as advice for maximizing the effectiveness of your security lighting.

1. Motion-Activated Lights

Motion-activated lighting is an essential component for home safety. Constant nighttime lighting may reduce crime, but it is not the most effective approach. Motion lights can surprise attackers, shocking them and causing them to reconsider entering your house.

Another advantage of motion-activated lights is their energy efficiency, since they only come on when motion is detected. This reduces energy usage without compromising any security advantages.

2. Timed Security Lighting

Installing timed security lights will brighten the outside of your house throughout the night. This illumination is excellent for repelling intruders (and giving nighttime directionality). Seasonally, the duration of the night fluctuates significantly; thus, operating hours can be adjusted.

3. Flood Lights

Flood lights are excellent security lighting options. These lights are very powerful and brilliant. LED flood lights illuminate your yard for a fraction of the energy used by incandescent lights.

Flood lights are very bright, and if not positioned in strategic areas, can disrupt the sleeping habits of certain individuals. Motion-activated lighting prevents you from illuminating you or your neighbours’ windows at night.

4. High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Security Lights

If you wish to illuminate a big area of land such as a ranch or broad fields, HID lights may be a better choice than floodlights. HID security lights are commercial-grade lights meant for business buildings and lots (although large-acreage residential properties can benefit from their usage).

5. Exterior Soffit Lights

Install soffit lights on the overhang in front of your home’s entryway. This overhang is referred to as a “soffit”. These lights offer an additional illumination layer to the area which standard porch lights cannot reach in front of your porch. This allows not only you, your family and your visitors to see the entryway more clearly, but also eliminates shadows around your door so as to deter would-be burglars.

Combining Safety and Charm

Combining various types of outdoor lighting with your house’s security lights can be an efficient strategy to keep your home secure, while enhancing your outdoor space’s aesthetic appeal. Gregg Electric can help you locate the ideal home solutions, from garden to landscape lighting. We consult with our customers to determine their goals and budget, then devise outdoor lighting design solutions which exceed their expectations and satisfy their demands. 

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